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Green Homes - Your Key To A Lifetime Of Savings, Health And Comfort

We all have our own ideas about what an ideal home should be. Irrespective of the wish list that every one of us has for our dream homes, basically we all need a space that we can call our own. A place where we can spend quality time with our family and live in peace and comfort.
Beyond those basics, we all have our own specifications, be it the type of home, design, architecture, size, number of rooms or other features. If what you are looking for is easily available and you are flexible with your requirements, you will probably look at listings of new homes for sale.

On the other hand, if you are very particular about what you need, you are likely to look for new home builders who can design and construct the perfect home for you. We all try to get the best value for our money, but do we really think long-term?

Buying a new home is a long-term decision and one that involves substantial investment. Shortsightedness is a bad thing when it comes to buying or constructing a home. What looked like a bargain during an initial evaluation, may not look that attractive if you take into account the maintenance costs and other expenses in the long run.

Green Homes

Green Homes

Buying a green home is something that you must seriously consider. Many people don't think about their responsibility to the environment or wrongly assume that environment friendly homes involve huge extra costs. That is why we at Ebenezer believe that investing in a green home is a very wise decision.

Take a look at what you can expect from green homes and how you can save a lot of money in the long run while reducing the burden on the environment. In the long run, the environment friendly features pay back many times their initial costs in terms of savings.

The four important things to consider when you design, construct or buy a new home:

1: Earth friendly design and construction:

This involves making sure that the construction of your home does minimum damage to the environment. This includes the use of land with minimum disruption to existing natural features, minimizing construction waste, recycling construction waste as far as possible and using lumber responsibly.

2: Protection of the atmosphere and conserving energy:

Reducing our carbon footprint is something that each one of us should consider when designing and building a new home or buying electrical appliances. The more we conserve energy, the more we save in terms of energy costs and the less we contribute to atmospheric pollution.

3: Conservation of water:

Fresh water is a precious resource. Less than 1% of the total water available on earth is fit for human use. However, many of us underestimate its value, especially if it is available in abundance. Minimizing wastage of water and avoiding contamination or pollution of ground water is an important aspect.

This will require careful thought and can have a bearing on the way our kitchen and bathrooms are designed and the type of plumbing and the fittings used. Additionally, we have to switch to organic pesticides and fertilizers as far as possible.

4: Conserving life and health:

During the design, construction and maintenance of our new homes, we have to thoughtfully include features and select materials that avoid harm to the health of the occupants and prevent harm to vegetation and creatures around the home.

We at Ebenezer know what is involved and required to ensure that your new home complies with all four aspects above. Here are some specific tips.

Tips to make your home earth friendly:

-Use materials from suppliers who are known for using green methods.

-Hire new home builders who recycle materials and avoid wastage without compromising on quality, strength and durability.

-Use processed or engineered wood, which is resistant to damage and will not crack or deteriorate for many years.

-Replace wood with environment friendly artificial equivalents with wooden finish where possible without compromising quality.

-Have a small recycling center in the home or community.

-Use eco-friendly carpets using easily cultivated plant products instead of regular carpets.

Tips to make your home energy efficient and generate green energy:

New Green Homes

New Green Homes

Energy efficient homes save you money every day. Make sure that your house meets or exceeds the applicable local energy codes and regulations. Why pay high utility bills when you can save and be environment friendly at the same time.

-Use energy saving and long lasting CFL and LED lamps instead of filament lamps.

-Use energy saving appliances with an appropriate ENERGYSTAR rating.

-Install motion and occupancy sensors to use lighting, heating and air-conditioning optimally.

-Use roofing materials or roof enhancements that provide insulation to avoid heat build up within your home in hot weather and heat loss during winter.

-Install energy efficient heating and cooling systems, preferably with programmable thermostats.

-Use special glass for windows, which filter out UV radiation and insulate your home to prevent heating or heat loss.

-Install solar panels to generate electricity to fully or partially meet your electricity needs. Using solar lamps for garden and outdoor illumination is also a great idea.

-Use energy efficient appliances.

-Use solar water heaters along with thermostat controlled tankless water heaters for supplementary heating. This type of system uses minimum energy and provides instant and continuous hot water.

Tips for conserving water:

If every family does their bit to conserve water, imagine how much an entire community can save. Avoiding wastage of water also reduces your utility bills. Here are some ways of reducing water wastage.

-Design landscaping and the garden to minimize the wastage of water.

-Use good quality faucets and shower-heads with WaterSense labels, which are designed to conserve water.

-Use water handling appliances like washing machines and dishwashers with a WaterSense label.

-Use RO systems in the kitchen.

-Use low-flow toilets, which use half the amount of water compared to regular toilets.

Designing a home that promotes good health and avoids harm to living beings:

An environment friendly home will be designed and constructed to minimize risks to the health of its occupants, pets and the living things in the surrounding areas. This can be done by avoiding or minimizing the use of materials that pose a risk to health.

-Use low VOC paints and use water based surface sealers instead of solvent based sealers.

-Use low-formaldehyde insulation material.

-Use eco-friendly carpets, which have less fibers and give less room for dust mites, pest hair and other foreign materials, which are causes for poor indoor air quality and can also trigger asthma, allergies or other health problems.

Whenever you buy a new home, look for new home builders who give due consideration to the environment and include environment friendly features. The same thing applies when you look at listings of new homes for sale. Don't just go by the initial investment.

Always opt for green homes, which pay you back many times the initial extra investment in terms of lower utility bills, durability, lesser maintenance requirements, lower maintenance costs, comfort and good health. You owe this to yourself, your family and our planet.

Designing and constructing an energy efficient home requires a lot of planning and expertise. The same goes for evaluating the green features that a home offers. At Ebenezer, we provide you all the help and guidance to find your perfect dream home that is environment friendly and gives you all the associated savings and benefits.

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